OMIC Strategies

OMIC Strategies is the consulting practice of Scott Smith, a content strategist, brand marketer and journalist.

Content Strategy

Whether you're a publisher or a brand, your content strategy should be unique to you. The process for determining what works comes down to a few key areas.

Business Objectives

Metrics are an easy way to measure the performance of your content, but they're not a proven way to measure effectiveness. Eventually, you become what you measure. When creating a content strategy, it's important to consider what your business objectives are: Awareness? Subscriptions? Sign-ups? Authority?


Who are you trying to reach? What are their behaviors? What kind of content appeals to them? What do they want to know from you? Understanding who you're trying to reach allows you to avoid creating a bunch of content that might get a lot of shares on Facebook, but doesn't achieve your objectives.

Content Pillars

Brands and publishers should really only focus on 4-5 subjects. Too many and you spread your resources too thin, too few and your work sounds repetitive. Creating a focus allows you to build authority and do your best work. The key question here is "What do audiences want to know more about from you?"

Brand Voice

How you say it is as important as what you say. Are you a brand that has a measure of solemnity or are you playful? Is the language you use complex or straight-forward? What is the purpose of the content you create? How do you communicate what matters to your brand and, in turn, your audience?

Content Ecosystem

Many brands and publishers have moved beyond their owned print, web and social spaces. The best ones have video, events, e-mail, earned media, thought leadership pieces written by executives and more. All of which involves UX, SEO and paid media considerations as well as analytics to understand it all and workflow to coordinate it.

Style Guides / Brand Bibles

They take all of the above and turn it into useful actionable intelligence. A new employee should be able to take this document and know everything there is to know about how to create content for your brand.

The following clips represent a sampling of my most recent work as news and editorial director at Touchvision.